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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Service and Cavemen (01/27/2014)

Hi Mom!
Here is the letter I was supposed to send you last time, but was lazy and didn't :)
This one is a tryout letter. I'll write it like a journal of sorts, but to you :)
And so.......
January 21, 2014 - Someone was in dire need of help getting moved out of their house. We were there from about 10am to lots of service :)  <That's why we were wearing pants on November 6th, 2013. When we do service, we get to wear pants :) That day, I believe we were raking leaves at a member's house. They had over a hundred bags of leaves by the time all the raking was done.>
The rest of today, we had a lesson at a less actives' house. It was a big success. One of the family members is less active and the other no longer comes at all. Anyway, by the end of the dinner/lesson, our investigator had committed to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon and both said they would come to church! It's very exciting! We've been meeting with one of them for a very long time and he's finally let the Spirit in and said 'I think I need to go back to church. I miss it and I miss my friends.' This was a huge leap in progress :) 

January 22, 2014 - Oh! Before I start this day, I forgot to write that last night there was a Relief Society activity. It was on the Book of Mormon. They had decided to read it in 80 days and many had accomplished it. The presentation and activity was spiritual, informative and fun...... and there were cupcakes at the end :)

So back to today.....
Every day we do Facebook. I've been on Facebook more in the last 3 weeks than in my past FB visits. Thank you Mom and Mara for posting/liking/commenting on my posts. It really helps the words of this wonderful gospel to get out. I love your comments. Sometimes I'm super jealous of them because they say so much more than mine (and usually make more sense).
Today we helped clean up the house of the person I mentioned yesterday. We cleaned the fridge, vacuumed, spackled and then left with a prayer.
We had wonderful lessons today. Some less active members said they'd come to church, two children can't wait to be baptized in the next few months, and yet again we have another place to crash if we come back here after our missions.

January 23, 2014 - I did weekly planning (a 2-3 hour project) all by myself this week since Sister Collins is leaving (transferring). It was really nice. I had the opportunity to think about the people and their needs and plan accordingly.
Then we went to the Bistro with other members for lunch. It had some pretty cool pizza even though it was deep dish. Then we took a picture by a caveman. Grants Pass Cavemen is their team name thingy, like ours is the Trojans.

We went to the Webster's house so Sister Collins could say goodbye. This is the family with that beautiful dog Radar.
Then I gave a practice lesson to an older member couple. They really appreciated it and the Spirit that it brought, and we appreciated the practice. And just because i know you are saying as you read this...'What did you teach? What did you plan? And What does it entail?' Well, I won't tell you  8P
hahaha just kidding 8P
For the planning you can look in Preach My Gospel pgs 147-150.
For the lesson, we taught the Restoration.
Really high bridge over the Rogue River

January 24, 2014 - As usual on Fridays, we have our personal & companion studies @8am then off to New Missionary Training for me @9am and then we have District Meeting. The we had a Zone picture.
Today on Facebook was interesting. I took a leap of faith and contacted some of my friends back home to see if they wanted to learn about the church. Most said 'no thanks', but I at least got to share my testimony and some gospel principles with them :)
I think because of these leaps of faith, that Sister Collins and I were blessed to have an amazing lesson with an investigator family. We taught them the Restoration and put forth the invitation to be baptized. They accepted and will be baptized March 1st!! So exciting.

January 25, 2014 - We did service this morning. Stacked a lot of wood and barely made a dent when we saw what was left to stack. HUGE MOUND of wood. But at least we helped them a little.
We had a lesson with another investigator and she says she will be 3-6 months.
And then there was a singles fireside with the Stake President speaking on Goals. He was a funny and wonderful speaker.

Cute sign along the road. 
Key His time
I might be waiting a little   8P

Love you forever and always,
Kiana/Sister Duenas

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