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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Heavenly Father Knows What We Need (03/10/2014 - 03/18/2014)

03/10/2014 - 
Mom-> Sister Duenas......Hi Sweetie, The news just said that there was an earthquake on Sunday night just off the coast of northern California. They said it was felt in Oregon too. It registered 6.9 magnitude on the Richter scale. Did you gals feel the earthquake tremors last night? It was around 10:15pm PST.

Sister Duenas->Mom      OH MY GOSH!!!! WE TOTALLY FELT IT!!! We were wondering if it was an earthquake but it was just so small and I'd never felt one so I wasn't sure. It was like a very slight rumbling sound that made the house vibrate.

**So transfer news. I am going up to Eugene 3rd Ward :)  **
It took a little while to pack my stuff, but it's all done and I'm ready to go.

03/18/2014 - 
My new companion is Sister Clove. 
So my new area is pretty cool, but also pretty difficult. Many people around here question the very basics of Jesus' doctrine.
(A week later)...As I have met more of the people here and gotten to know them a little, I've found that we are truly just the same. They just have a different way of showing it. Heavenly Father made us all different for a purpose :) so who am I to judge His creations? :)

You should watch 'Cell Phone' on Cell Phone video
It's just like US <3 :)
Also watch But Why? and By The Hour. They are both pretty adorable. They are only 30 seconds to a minute long.

Embracing the change. I feel good :)
I read all of those talks you sent. They were super awesome, thanks Mom!!!!
I am doing much better now. I really don't know what gets into me sometimes, but now it feels better to be here. I think it's because you let me talk endlessly  after (high) school when I'd get off the bus. I'd sit down at my stool and you'd ask 'So, How was school?' and I'd say 'meh, same as normal'. You'd give me a look and say 'Nope, I want more than that.' Which led everytime to me unloading every detail about what happened that day :) And then at college, we'd talk atleast 3x a day! See?! Ya spoiled me! I was having 'Mom withdrawals' for the first bit of my mission. hahaha. I guess if you're gonna have a withdrawal, that one isn't bad to have, huh? :)
So, like I wrote before, I'm alright now :) 
Sister Clove has really helped me a lot and she didn't even know it :) Really it was Heavenly Father, He knew how and who to fix me <3   Now that I think about it, she does remind me of you a little bit. She's pretty darn smart. Whenever I make a comment (that makes complete sense to me, but may not have come out using the right words), she just kind of looks at me and repeats what I said to the investigator in a much clearer, simpler way. Just. Like. You. :)  It's nice to have someone who knows or can at least decipher my brain/words.
Next week is my 5 month mark! Can't believe how fast the mission is going (now) :)
Only 2'ish months until Mother's Day!

Love you,
Sister Duenas/Kiana :) <3
ps...send me that one story about a man's prayer interrupted by God :)

"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest". Joshua 1:9

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