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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Autzen Stadium and a Mouse (04/01/2014)

One of my new goals is to make sure I write something in my journal every day, anything from just a couple of sentences or a paragraph to a whole page. I am using the red journal you got me for my mission. I am excited for General Conference and can't wait to get some revelation :)
I'll make sure to send some of my thoughts on stuff I heard next week.

For the last P-Day, we went to Autzen Stadium and did the tour, it was super awesome! Of course I forgot my camera, but other sisters said they'd send me a picture. We had a Zone pic there too. Autzen stadium is where the Oregon Ducks play football and baseball.
District meetings are around 3 - 5 companionships that come together at the church building every Friday morning to report on their week and learn what the Mission President's plan is or learn what the new help/technique is for the mission. We role-play and read sections from Preach My Gospel and give each other advice on troublesome issues or people.
At every Zone Conference, we sing the OEM (Oregon Eugene Mission) mission song. I don't have it memorized, but it is definitely a fun song and it brings unity :)

Zone Conference was last week. Pics should be on the OEM mission blog.
All the missionaries had interviews with the mission president. My interview was pretty short. apparently, it's an interview for us (missionaries) to ask him questions. My interview was pretty short, maybe next time I'll try to come up with some questions. He just asks how we are doing, what our goals are, what we think of the area, how the companionship is going, checking if we can take over our area, etc, Basically gauging companionships and stuff for the next transfer.
Left  - Eugene Zone missionaries. Right - skit at Eugene & Roseburg Zone conference
Haven't had a chance to watch the General Women's broadcast yet. The Eugene 3rd Ward is going to have a lunch at the church and watch it together since it was broadcast during Spring Break.
I still can't (haven't learned to) conduct music, but I have learned how to strip wire, take 15 minute showers, get up on time, use an iPad, appreciate Preach My Gospel, taking notes, stack wood Tetris-style, play 'God Speed the Right' on the piano, play frisbee-golf and make crafty banners  :)
Oregon is the happy, mountain version of New York. It's nice, but I wouldn't live here. I'd come back to see the people I've come to love.

Sister Clove and I caught a mouse!!! Trust me, he's in there. He ate all of our Belgian waffle mix too :(
My NEW FAVORITE ice cream!!!!! Haagen Dazs - White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Love you!!!! <3
Sister Duenas

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