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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Before My Mission

Sister Kiana Duenas - Before My Mission
Of course I enjoy reading my scriptures, church, going to the temple, but here are some of my other 'loves'. Just keepin' it real :)  Missionaries are 'normal' people too. Really, we are  :)
BYU Winter semester
1 month before reporting to the Mission Training Center
Completed my Freshman year at BYU. Go Cougars!
Hiked the Y with my family (Aunt Martha & Mom pictured)
Physical Science field trip in Rock Canyon
Maid of Honor for my Sister's wedding
My sister and her husband on their wedding day
Some of my favorite things:
My books <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3   
Manga :)

I love animals and they love me <3

Dogs LOVE me. This Blue Heeler came up to me as soon as I dismounted my horse - Jackson Hole, WY
Feeding a bear cub at Bear World in Idaho
Rescuing a 3-week old kitten who's Momma cat abandoned it. I bottle fed it until it was 7 weeks old.
Miniature horse at Animal Adventure in NY
My kitties <3 <3 Cimmy (16 yrs) and Sunday (the rescue kitten)
My famous Strawberry Cookies
Usually made for special occasions or close friends. I left this sign on my cookies, so they wouldn't be scarfed-down by my family 'cookie monster' (Jim)
Making Sugar Cookies with Mom

I love flowers. They are so beautiful.
My favorite flowers are these Snowdrops. They are tiny and bloom in late March or early April in NY
Super Scrabble. I always kick some major 'butt' :)
Building Lego castles for my little cousin
I love taking various fun classes with my Mother :)
Cake Decorating class
Pottery class
Fun times as a Townsperson at my one and only theatre production 'The Music Man' in my Senior year

I love my family!
My extended family in 2007. The last family pictures with Grandpa Darling.
And the silly/fun version :)
All the cousins in 2007 and Grandma's Welsh Corgi - Buttercup

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