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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello Oregon Eugene Mission! (11/06/2013)

Hello from the Stake Center in Eugene, Oregon! Its so green and comfortable here that I can nearly convince myself that I'm in New York. President and Sister Young are so nice. President Young is a very firm hand-shaker and has a great sense of humor. Everyone here finds me interesting since I am from NY. They call me cute and bubbly....hmmmm. We'll just let them keep that thought...haha :)
I'm so nervous for meeting my first companion and talking to my first investigators. I think I'll just be gung-ho about everything from now on, that way I won't let myself get so anxious.
I miss you, love you and am/will be doing fabulous things here (hopefully).
Love you to the moon <3
Sister Duenas
Incoming Missionaries to the Oregon Eugene Mission - November 2013

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