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Friday, May 16, 2014

General Conference (04/07/2014)

Hi Mom! Love you!

So here is my transfer news! I'm staying here of course. My new companion is Sister West.

Some spiritual things I have learned: 
  • learning to recognize and follow the Spirit
  • To go back to a door or finish (tracting) a street
  • change a lesson plan once we enter a house
  • ask an investigator to pray just one more time and they do it for the first time ever and you can just feel the Spirit flood the room
  • asking them to be baptized when you know they'll say no because it's too early, but you ask anyway and they say 'I don't think I'm ready right now, but maybe in a few weeks?'
One of the most challenging things has been knocking doors. Advice -> just do it. After the first 3 or 4 rejections, nerves don't matter anymore because you're just dying now for someone to listen.

Let's see...favorite part of the day.....hmmmm.....Studying. 2 hours is SO not enough. Preach My Gospel has so much to offer and if you look close enough and long enough the scriptures have all the answers you need. You just need patience and prayer.
Another favorite part of the day or amazing moment is when a member catches the vision and spirit of missionary work. (When that happens) I can just hear the angels sing!
When members accept new people into the branch/ward family and are willing to help us missionaries and contribute their knowledge and spiritual testimonies by coming to lessons with us -> that is when the work truly hastens. MEMBERS = MISSIONARIES.

My least favorite part of the day has to still be planning. It's useful and we need to do it, but it doesn't mean I have to like it  8P

I have only been reading a chapter or two a day of the Book of Mormon (due to studying so much Preach My Gospel), but I am still determined to get it read 2 more times while on my mission.

I received the Eugene pendant for my missionary necklace. It looks great! Thank you!

General Conference was awesome :) I was at various member houses for each session. The Bishop, WML and a new member. I really liked Andersen, Nelson, Scott, Hales (selective obedience indeed!), President Monson and Packer. One of my favorites though was Elder Ballards. WATCH IT AGAIN! And make sure everyone knows please that even though it is about missionary work it is directed towards MEMBERS :) OOO I really liked Corbridge's talk as well. I was planning on sending my notes as well!!! :) great minds :)

Unfortunately I've only filled 2/3 or a journal since I keep going back and forth between my brown one and the red one. though I do write in the red one everyday now :) I wish I could've had a page for everyday of my mission but SOMEONE had to take up like fifty pages ;) ( hahaha you know I'm just kidding I love all of the things you wrote in there. I refer back to them every now and again :))

Sister Clove will be (most likely) leaving Eugene (on the) next transfer since she's been here 3 transfers now. So I will be taking the area over. I bet she's pretty nervous since this area and me are quite the opposite.

Sorry there aren't any flowers in my letter this time. I gave the ones I had for you to another friend who needed some cheering up. So at least they went to a good cause :)

I know of President Frutose <Pres Frutose is the new Stake President for the Owego, NY Stake>. I saw him at dances and stake activities (when I was a Youth). He'll do great :)

Here are some more things to watch/listen to :)
Mormon Message: A Mother's Hope --> might make you cry but I love the message :) 

Listen to The Nashville Tribute song "Bless My Son". It makes me think of you and want to make you proud :) <3

With all these questions and nice long letters I'm reminded of the time when I first got out here on my mission. I've been telling Sister Clove all about you because she just likes getting to know people and how they've gotten to where they are now. She loves to hear about the silly stories I have and I think she sees how much I enjoy sharing them so she lets me ramble :) she is a good companion.

So hopefully the "it was all very [me]" part of my talk was alright? sometimes I need to not be quite so me when I speaketh hehe :}

Are the songs you sent on the Nashville Tributes cd ALL Nashville Tribute? Just want to make sure so we aren't going against the rules.

In every new area we get sent to, we try to guess why we needed to be in this particular area. My guess for this area is first, learning from Sister Clove and second, this area needs a boost of faith and simpleness because my testimony is basically all that I've got to share in this "intellectual" area :)

I just wanted to say I love you! Don't ever stop writing me, stay healthy and try to have less stress, tell the kitties I love and miss them. Hopefully Sunday remembers me :(
I'll try to answer other questions in my letter. And you bet yer knittin' needles it'll be a long letter!
A letter from Mara would be nice :)

Love you!!!!
Sister Duenas

Oh I would like a nice light jacket that's fit for spring. It's nice outside here but when the wind comes and there are clouds it can get chilly.

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