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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blessings of the Gospel and A Challenge for Mom (12/19/2013)

Holo Mommy Dearest!
There have been so many good things that have happened on my mission. Here's one of them...
A new investigator that we got as a referral from one of our Bishopric (we'll call her 'Sarah') is amazing! She's gone through extremely rough circumstances in her life in practically all areas...just LOTS of stuff. Through it all she is still trying to be the best mother she can. She just wants her kids to have everything that she couldn't and that includes this church :)
When her son got hurt, somehow our Elders Quorum found got wind of it and went right over, gave her crutches, gave her son a blessing and offered orthopedic services because they knew someone who could help. (Seriously, all the men in our area either work as various doctors, dentists, teachers or lawyers, so if anyone needs help..... :)
Anyway, that's how she found the church and how she was introduced to it. Service, charity, priesthood blessing, financial she was prepared for us missionaries :)

Another story.....
So, at the 'Smith's' house lives 'Bob'. 'Bob' takes care of the property for them because they're old. We go over to the 'Smith's' once a week to give member lessons and we saw 'Bob' there too. Finally, after he determined that we weren't 'scary' I guess, he asked to know more and said he'd sit in sometimes on the lessons! Woohoo!

Challenge for Mom Time!!! :)
1) Read the Book of Mormon with me! I am reading 7 pages a day, so I will read the Book of Mormon every 3 months. I'm so excited. right now I am on Chapter 8.
2) Share something about the church or how grateful you are for this Gospel. It's Christmas time so it should be easy :)

Love you,

ps....this Palmyra Temple ornament was from the Christmas Relief Society activity. Actually another Sister in the ward received it as a gift, but she gave it to the poor Sister Missionary from NY who loves the Palmyra Temple :)

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