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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Holo! (01/21/2014)

You are all the way across the country, so I thought I'd need to make sure you 'heard' me :)
This week is a bit of a photojournal into my missionary life.

Pic1 - This was Sunday after church. We had a bit of time left, so I decided to read up on my Book of mormon. I read 1 chapter and then my eyelids disobeyed and took a rest (pic taken by Sister Collins secretly). 

Pic2 - Great street sign :) Well, now we know what the right way truly is. hehe :) Too bad there's no Elder's Way....hahaha   

Pic3 - hehehe....I found a Halloween mustache in our 'dungeon' (basement?)....of course I put it on! What else would you do  with a perfect mustache like this one?! 

Pic4 - Sister Collins wanted to do my hair so we took this 'before' picture. Me-> Cinderella. Her-> Fairy Godmother (notice the hair products she's holding).

Pic5 - The 'after' picture! Ain't I cute? :)

Pic6 - Give me an O. Give me an E. Give me an M.   O.E.M.!!! :)  (Oregon Eugene Mission)

Pic7 - Hey Look! It's my companion from Arizona! New York vs Arizona's ON! :)

Pic8 - Sister Collins again tried to do pretty things with my hair. It does look pretty nice 

Pic9 - New Year's Eve. I made my famous Strawberry Cookies :)

Pic10 - Your missionary :) No contacts + pretty hair + P-Day = good mood + good picture :)
Love you! 
Hope you enjoyed the show :)
Love Kiana/Sister Duenas

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