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Monday, May 19, 2014

Hippie Eugene, Oregon (05/12/2014)

Hey Mom! Hello Hello!

Long time no speak :) hahaha  
Did you like your Mother's day card?! :)
I know it was only yesterday that I saw and spoke to you, but seriously!
We had a lesson right after the call and it was as if that hour hadn't happened or as if it was just a dream. 'Normal' for me now is making sure I'm teaching people about the gospel and strengthening all the testimonies around me (including my own).

Can you do me a big favor and send me my awesome strawberry cookie recipe?
<Mother's note: wow, I can't believe she needs the recipe. She had made this recipe so frequently that it had been committed to memory, but I assume that means that she is very focused on missionary work, as she should be :) >
So, I don't need the whole recipe. I just need to know if I am forgetting an ingredient.
1 tsp vanilla, butter, cream cheese, egg, cake mix, powdered sugar, ???

Here is the pic of the trippie hippie van we came across. It perfectly describes Eugene, Oregon without saying a word :)

I love you too! I will have to write you another time, since I didn't get your email until a couple of days ago :( But that's alright, you'll just get a ginormous letter next week ;)     <3 <3 <3

Love you!

Sister Duenas

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