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Monday, May 26, 2014

Missionary Goals - Oregon Eugene Mission (05/19/2014)

I LOVE the family pics! Thanks for sending them :)
Cousins in 2007. Sister Duenas is in upper right with the sun glasses.
Awesome talk too! It was very good and it is literally one of the most perfect talks that a member could give with investigators present. The Elders must have been SO happy.
<Mother's Note: I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting on Sunday about how to recognize promptings from the Holy Spirit and the process of how to receive personal revelation. The missionaries in the Greene Branch had an investigator come to church for sacrament meeting and she heard my talk.>

This is what we make when we have no idea what we want to eat for lunch. Two pasta sides mixed together with some hot dogs :) Was delicious :)

I couldn't remember how to sign 'I Love you', so I went from 'Live Long and Prosper' to 'Rock On!' and then finally got to the right one 'I Love You!' and Hi :).
These are my notes from the first district meeting we had this transfer. We have a new district leader and he is pretty intense and excited about missionary work. We made a lot of new goals for our district and what we all wanted to see improved. It was a great first district meeting :).

Make this the BEST TRANSFER we've ever had on our mission thus far!!
Make this the BEST DISTRICT in the Mission!!
We will see MIRACLES!!

---Transform our ward
---- increase member work
---- more activities
---- getting youth involved
- baptize 3 of God's children

Learn the principle of accountability!
-- pray to God in the morning, telling him what we'll be doing throughout the day
-- then pray to him at the end of the day, holding yourself accountable for what the day brought, also thanking him for what you were able to accomplish.

Sister Missionaries in my District chillin' on P-Day :)
Love you!!!!!!!!
Sister Duenas

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