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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2nd Week in Oregon (11/18/2013)

Written 11/18/2013
Hola momma Bonita! Que Pasa?
I want: three skirts from my room (white, brown, grey), the french green bean with garlic recipe, the pancit recipe, a puppy (haha), GOOD hot cocoa, REAL milk, snow, a good steak and my kitties :)
oh....and the wagon wheels recipe, my red heart pendant, and that boy's essay about looking through the files of his life and having to account for his actions to Christ.


12/02/2013 - This week has been a tough week. Our plans are almost never able to be followed. Everyone just cancels or we teach people who are grateful for Jesus Christ, but don't want to stop smoking or drinking (coffee or alcohol) or smoking (cigarettes or pot).
However, there are also people who follow through and many wonderful ward families and members here. A Mom and son were baptized my first week here and that was really nice.
I got a Priesthood Blessing from my district leader...all will be fine.
Love you,
Sister Duenas

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