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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Return With Honor (12/02/2013)

Hello Mi Madre Bonita!

Monday 12/2 - Today was P-Day. We had lunch and birthday celebration at a member's home, did some shopping. Then, we went to do emails and the computer crashed. I have been struggling with home-sickness for the past week, so not being able to read you email or Mara's made my day a little bitter. I was feeling super down because I just wanted to 'talk' with you. The I got a blessing from my District Leaders and then we talked about what would happen if I went home. I changed my mind. I am staying. I can do this. I will 'Return With Honor' :)

Tuesday 12/3 - Zone Conference in Medford, so that completely shot our missionary work and got our numbers down. It was a great conference about higher expectations, the introduction of Facebook and iPads, and the true meaning of Christmas.

Friday 12/6 - It's snowing!!!!  :) :)

We made mini snowmen on our car. Mine on the left. Sister Collins' on the right. It's ok, she's from Arizona :)

We were supposed to have a Creche Festival tonight, but everyone is scared to drive in the snow here. They got not even an inch of snow and cancelled school. But then it really got going and snowed almost 1 foot. But it was all 'fluff' and might have made a slight delay back in NY. I miss our wonderful plow system :)

Saturday 12/7 - Banned from driving our car today. The snow is still bad and roads are icy and have not been plowed or salted, so our Zone Leaders don't want us driving. Got letters/Christmas cards from Gma Duenas and Jessica C   :)

Sunday 12/8 - Still not very many people out or going to church because of the snow and ice, though the roads are fine and plowed now...
Mission life is hard, but it's not supposed to be easy and bringing people to the Gospel is an important task and needs to be done right....and if that means hard and slow then that's what I will have to endure through :)

Love you Mom! <3
Kiana/Sister Duenas

ps....Hi Jimbo, Cathy, Steph, Sherry, Jim, Roger, Lynn, Gma, Ariel, kitties, etc <3 the little Grinch tree :)

ppps....On Thanksgiving we went to a homeless center and served them dinner, talked with them, sang to them. just made them feel cared for :)

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