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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mission Training Center (10/24/2013)

The MTC is great so far. I was so worried that I wouldn't fit in spiritually but it is so not a problem. Everyone is learning together and helping each other. I love my companion and district. We all honestly and truly get along with each other. We are basically all together the whole day. Sister Slater is my companion. She looks and acts just like Aunt Martha and she loves to plan. She is good at planning but is forgetful and I am good at remembering but not so good at planning. So, our system is that she'll plan and I'll store it in my memory files to remind her of things later. A very nice companionship I think :)
Yesterday, as a 20 companionship group, we taught three 'investigators' (actually actors). Our first attempt was 'messy'. Our 2nd attempt went better and we put in more doctrine. Our last attempt was pretty good as we got the 'investigator' to ask questions.
I love you and miss you lots! Don't worry about me too much, everything is going great here. I'm barely missing my books, movies and shows. Getting up early isn't a problem at all either. 
Say Hi to Jim and G-ma for me
Sister Duenas

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