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Friday, May 16, 2014

Easter and New Companion (04/28/2014)

Happy Easter Greene Branch!
Thank you for the Easter box and notes! It totally brightened my day to hear from all of you :)
I will send a letter soon!
Sister Duenas
Happy Easter! <3 Sister Duenas      <notice the Star Trek hand
And the funny looking stuffed animal is a teddy bear dressed as the Easter Bunny>
Dear Mom,
Oh my goodness, I have no idea how you can come up with so many different questions week after week! Haha. Well, I guess you do work for the (blank) so it makes sense  8P

I love the (Greene) Branch chili cook off!  OF COURSE YOU WON!! Mwah-hahahaha! That’s my Mom – takin’ over the world with her awesome cookin’ :)
Poor Sister Missionary though, not liking chili
<Note: the Sister Missionaries and the Elders in the Greene Branch were the chili judges, and one of the Sister Missionaries does not like chili, but she was a trooper having to taste 12-13 different chili’s>.

They don’t have ‘Linger Longers’ out here in Oregon. They have only one church activity each quarter.
<Note: ‘Linger Longers’ is an activity that the Greene Branch (in New York) holds every 3rd Sunday of the month after church that is basically a dish-to-pass. It builds unity and strengthens relationships in the Branch.>

Advice: Daikon= icky, coulda asked me that. People are very health conscious out here in Oregon. I have had: humus, daikon, squash, no butter, coconut, cherry, bananas, no meat soup or sandwiches, etc.
<Note: Sister Duenas has eaten many of these foods before, but apparently they are served quite frequently in Oregon, and she does not enjoy cherries>.

Dinners here are the same members for the most part every month. We usually have a full dinner week and the next maybe 2 or 3 and then it's full again. 

Sister West and I are going to start having dodgeball tournaments every other Saturday for all 10 and up. We will see how it goes. Our first one is May 10th.
Sister West and Sister Duenas
<Note: Sister Duenas' last companion (Sister Clove) was transferred to Medford on 04/21/2014. Her new companion is Sister West.>

We have interviews with President Young after every Zone Conference, so every other transfer. The interview with President Young is a time for us to discuss things with him and ask him questions as opposed to the other way around (him questioning us).
As a missionary, we must be well-rounded in all of our skills. There is a person out here who collects things and then has a HUGE yard sale. This person recycles the copper found in wire, but stripping the wire. That is how I learned to strip wire :) 

This last district Meeting we talked a lot about goals and keeping ourselves accountable to them.
I loved the Faith & Repentance (Relief Society) lesson too! In Grants Pass, Sister Nielsen and I taught it. It went great! There was lots of participation and learning.
Yes, I am excited about my 6-month anniversary (of being a missionary) :)  Now, I technically have just a year left on my mission. In terms of 6-month periods, it is so short!

We try to do 1 hour of tracting every day, but usually it is just 3-4 hours a week since we have a lot of people (potentials, investigators and less actives) to visit.
The University of Oregon is in the Young Single Adult area, so we don’t tract there. I haven’t run into my cousin yet though
 <Note: Sister Duenas has a 2nd cousin who lives in Eugene and is not LDS and she has never met him>

My Atonement talk was pretty choppy and all over the place, but I’m glad you liked it nonetheless.

Love you,
Sister Duenas

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