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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Joy in The Work (02/03/2014)

02/03/2014 - I am really realizing the importance of planning skills. And most definitely! plans are just plans. Things in the mission world change constantly especially with people who are just starting out with the lessons and appointments whether they be investigators or less actives. They don't know us quite yet and are uneasy about what in the world they'd be learning.
I received the Valentines day box. I am using all the will power I've got in me to NOT open it. Though I did shake-sniff-squish(lightly) the package to figure out what it was :). My guess is a bracelet or necklace because of the sound.
Lots of spiritual experiences and fun stuff in your coming letter :)
Letter -
Hi Mother Dearest! I love you! I miss you and want hugs!! 

So here is my week....
January 28, 2014 - My new companion is Sister Nielsen.
We gave two lessons to investigators, two lessons to members and got some referrals. It was a great day for teaching. As sisters, we connect with our investigators, help them see that they can be better and overcome things. We need to love these people, so that they know for themselves that they are cared for, needed and important to Heavenly Father. 'They is kind. They is smart. They IS important.' :)  

January 29, 2014 - Today I found an Ensign that looks super great and I want to read it. It is April 2013. Do you have it? <of course> If you do, it's be great if you'd send it to me.
The members here are so willing to help out with missionary work. FYI...the Redwood Ward in Grants Pass has SEVEN kids out on missions, so it makes sense that they do the same at home :)  I foresee big things for the future of Grants Pass.
Lots of wonderful, productive lessons and referrals today.

January 30, 2014 - Today was another good day. We had lessons and tracted. I've been sick the last couple of days. It's nothing bad, just sore throat, congestion, headache. It probably didn't help that we ran around the block three times in the freezing, cold morning for exercise. No worries. I'll kick this.
A couple of days ago I read Alma 26, its a really good chapter. If you ever have a down day, just read this and it'll make you happy. The chapter is Ammon rejoicing in God and thanking Him for all the many miracles that came as they were converting the Lamanites, now the Ammonites. Ammon is so full of joy that he passes out! It's a great chapter :)
One pretty neat experience that doesn't usually happen (at all) - one of our investigator families moved their baptism date UP a day. It totally made our day! we need to finish teaching them all the lessons first. :)

January 31, 2014 - We had Zone Training Meeting today. Our zone is so lucky to have such great leaders. They teach us so much, giving us new ideas to talk to people and bring the gospel into their lives.
We also learned about talents. The Parable of the Talents has always been one of my favorites and our zone leaders gave it new perspective. A talent is money and was worth 60 pounds of silver or lot and then they told us to look in our Patriarchal Blessings and write down the talents it lists for us. To much my surprise, I found some :)  <of course she did. I am not listing her talents here because those are personal to her blessing>.
As I was reading (her patriarchal blessing), I finally saw what you saw about how you knew I was going to go on a mission. I thought it was just life/college stuff, but it has a lot to do with mission life and serving the Lord.
We then had a wonderful lesson on the Plan of Salvation with the family that is being baptized. I could tell it was a good lesson because they had questions throughout the lesson and at the end they said 'We remember learning this before and it is really making more sense as we hear it again.' EXCITEMENT!!!! :)

February 1, 2014 - Today was pretty eventful. Sister Nielsen loves tracting so we went to a ton of streets. Many were very nice people that weren't interested and/or had their own faith. Sometimes when we are searching for people to teach, we find those who are already prepared for us and other times people just want to argue. When we have these tougher encounters, I feel as though Heavenly Father lets them happen to try our faith. I am confident and have faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ that I could answer the many questions. Some people aren't interested in the truth or aren't prepared to hear it. In the end, my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and in His teachings and the Book of Mormon was strengthened :)

February 2, 2014 - Fast & testimony Meeting.....Did you bear your testimony? I did. Of course I bear mine almost every hour, so..... :)
The days have been beautiful out here in Oregon, a range of 45-55 degrees.
We went out and tracted and contacted referrals too. Heavenly Father is always with us and helping me out with directions. I can tell, because every time we are searching for someone and just pick our best guess, we've found them. Every single time. And now we've got 4 return appointments to teach people!
Another exciting thing before i forget. Our zone (really the whole mission) is going to the temple on Thursday! I'm so excited because the Medford temple is so similar tot he Palmyra temple. It just makes it seem more like home.
Sometimes the days fly by and other times they seem to take forever. Sometimes the goes from Tuesday to Friday in the blink of an eye and other days it's like 'oh my gosh, we've done so much, when is the day going to end?' But no worries, I just put on a smile and keep going :)
Productive can be a subjective word. I think it is productive when people who don't normally come to church agree to come to church, or agree to start living the Word of Wisdom, or read a chapter for once, or when we receive a number of referrals and set appointments for the week! not productive my skirt! pshhh :)
Anyway, things in grants Pass are picking up and I am happy to serve :)

ps.....Hat Request :)

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