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Friday, May 16, 2014

Almost Mother's Day (05/05/2014)

May 05, 2014
Hi Mom! Hi Jim!
I can’t believe that by the time you get this letter we’ll be talking and seeing each other the next day! (for Mother’s Day). I’m so excited to see everyone! Hopefully the Elders and Sisters in Greene have somewhere to go for Mother’s Day?

Love the new Spring skirts! They are a bit long for my usual style and taste, but will work well as a Sister Missionary :)

Super impressed with you getting so much done with the soap and candles.

Glad to hear the (Owego Stake) Women’s Conference went well and you had fun.
I love the story (you shared) about the 32 year old man with Down Syndrome. It is so true that, as long as one is living worthily, any one no matter the disability can access the priesthood. That man must have had great faith and the mother as well. Good for him knowing his duty and trusting in the Lord even though he didn’t have the right words, he had the right heart and faith.

Awwww, Sister Rimington is wonderful, love her :)
Did the Greene Branch like the postcard I sent?

Again, not surprised that your baking was a hit :)  It always is  :) <3 I hope that boy got more than one (playful) slap to the back of his head by his mother. How rude stealing the last piece of lemon cake from his own mother!  tsk tsk

So, we got an awesome member to be our "Skype HQ" as she calls it :)  (for Mother's Day).
she is a recent convert baptized one year ago. she is so excited to go to the temple and she is getting her Patriarchal Blessing in a couple of days as well. I hope my investigators turn out as wonderful as her :)

Anyway, we will contact you sometime between 3 and 3:30pm on Mothers Day, prolly more towards 3. This is Oregon time, so 6'ish your time.
My companion will be calling you very briefly on Saturday to let you know a more specific time, so make sure you answer your phone!

Love you! See you in a couple of days! :) <3
Sister Duenas

Also included in the envelope were beautiful flower blossoms that Sister Duenas dried and pressed for her Mom for Mother's Day <3

< Mother's Note: Sister Duenas was on 'exchanges' on Saturday, so when her companion called very briefly, I was a bit confused to hear someone who was not her companion on the phone. I was expecting to hear Hi, this is Sister West, but it was an entirely different Sister and I made her say her name three times and still didn't catch the name. I could hear Sister Duenas laughing in the background. Turned out it was Sister LeSieuer. > 
Sister Duenas later said: Hahaha you were so funny on the phone! Love you too! Hugs and kisses!

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