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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

He Guides Our Footsteps (03/24/2014)

Mother Dearest! <3
I have your million-question letter in front of me, so I hope I'll be able to answer all of them to your satisfaction ;)
Here's some more details about transfers. Transfers are every 6 weeks. we know if we are leaving the Friday or Saturday before. If we will be training or going into leadership positions, we know 2 weeks before.
I found out on Saturday morning and it took me probably around 3-4 hours to gather everything up and pack it. It didn't help that I had given one of my space bags to someone and my other big one had a tear in it, so I had to keep sucking the air out...please send another one :)
Since transfers are on a P-Day, yes we get to unpack. The apartment in Grants Pass is bigger than the apartment in Eugene, but this apartment has a balcony and a much better oven :)
There are bus routes in Eugene, but we have a car. The mission home is only a few minutes away. I actually got to see the mission home a couple of times when I first transferred to Eugene. We had another Sister with us that was going to train so we drove her around a little. Since Sister Clove was asked to play the piano when the new Sisters came in, I had to sing with the Trainers, meh :(   But I did get to see the new Sisters, so that was fun.
OEM Mission Home

The Eugene 3rd ward has some young married couples since it is a college city. There is one set of Sisters and one set of Elders in the ward. Brother Johnson is our Ward Mission Leader. President Young and Sister Young are in the Eugene 1st ward.

Just last Saturday we got 2 new investigators! It was just so awesome. We had a little time, so we went tracting before our next appointment. The very first house we went to were these two women (mom and daughter). We talked about lots of things surrounding the Plan of Salvation, some about the Book of Mormon, and Jesus being our Savior. Before we left, we asked if we could come back and teach them more in detail about the Plan of Salvation and Jesus Christ, the daughter said 'Yes, Please! I was hoping you'd ask.' Both these women are so golden and wonderful people. We can't wait to go back!

I am really happy that you like the FAITH banner. It took forever and when I was done I looked at it and realized it might not go with our home decor. But it looks great in the pictures, so Yay!

Love you bunches! <3
Sister Duenas

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