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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just Another New Year's Eve (12/31/2013)

Holo Mom!!!!

It was SUPER nice talking with everyone on Christmas totally made my day and I wish we could've talked more. Our average is 3hrs a chat so 1 and a half was SO not enough;). The gifts all fit and I love them all. I especially like the purple tights and black shirt. Super nice. The purple tights may be a bit tight (hehe, I made a funny) but they still fit and I'm making a New Year's resolution that I'm going to be healthier and get down to my normal weight again. It might take awhile since people LOVE to feed the sisters...

The candles sound awesome. Hahaha just to let you know I still do research for you out here whenever I get stopped by candle racks in Walmart :). Much of them aren't very fragrant  or worth telling about but there was one that was like apple pumpkin something that has pretty good potential I think. Something of an order of sorts because I brag about our business ;) A boy here who is nearly obsessed with bacon wants a bacon candle, he also likes smoke/fireplace like smells. If you could manage something like those I'd be great but totally don't worry about it if it's too much a hassle. You're sick so you should relax and rest.

We are starting a new Miracle Wall so I will just send you our old one to look at :) they are pretty good some days and pretty simple and/or funny other days. You can just chuck it somewhere in my room when you're done.
Oopsie, I did find something today in my apartment that I was going to send to you like three weeks or so ago. It's a letter'ish thing. You'll love it ;)
We get to watch Monsters University tomorrow and yes I got her card just yesterday. She gave me a $ card. I hope she knows that she doesn't need to send me money. I'd be happy with a regular letter or pictures etc. Super sad... she doesn't call me Kiwi anymore :(((

Her card couldn't even compare to the one you gave me. My goodness mother, you didn't need to send me that much! Very grateful nonetheless :). I might want a new winter coat because it is cold but DON'T be going online right after this email get me one yet! I know what you were thinking Mother ;). My comp always complains that's it's cold and the only way she sleeps super good is if it's 80-90 degrees in our apartment. SO not happening.She did it once and I didn't sleep a wink and I didn't know that she had put the thermostat up so I thought I was getting sick. So we put it around 70 and we are both alright. She always has to sleep with 4 blankets; a tshirt, long sleeve, sweatshirt combo; and hand warmers and a rice bag. Silly Arizonans can't keep warm.

Go Cimmy indeed :) she needs the exercise to keep her going and lively. Sunday is getting huge! Not fat but he'll be one big kitty whenever I get home. Time really is going fast here. 

Did you like the scripture markers I sent you a while back? I use mine all the time they work so nice :) Don't worry about not reading with me if you can't I'm on page 102-03 so I'm a bit behind on where I should be. New Year's will catch me up good though :). If you can't read then watch a couple of really good talks/clips/movies. Look up Character of Christ by Elder Bednar (mtc version if you can); Mountain of the Lord (a Wilford Woodruff movie) and Earthly Father, Heavenly Father ( a mormon message clip). All of these are super good. Ask if Jim wants to watch them with you.
I made my amazing, famous Strawberry Cookies for New Year's Eve :)

Speaking of movies... Any good new hallmark ones? Did you watch The Christmas Card or any of our other favorites? Could you find my heart pendant? It might be in the long (hand length) gold box that the beach glass necklace came in. I would really love if you could find it, my neck is so bare.

Anywho, LOVE YOU!!! 
Kiana/Sister Duenas
Please tell Ariel I'm sending her a letter and pics soon. Hopefully you got the other letters out to their owners? I'll send pics in a couple more emails. You'll love what I'm wearing today. teehhe ;P 
(Note: Kiana's favorite scarf is this awful tan/brown thing, so she likes to 'annoy' her mother by wearing it.)
....and here it is.....

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