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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Three Baptisms! (04/21/2015)

So we had our interviews yesterday for the Klamath Zone and these interviews always take longer than they say they will. For example saying that we will start at 9am and end at 1pm. WRONG. We start at 8:30 and end at 4. We had the specialized training til 11:30 or 12 and then the interviews started from the farthest away to the closest in location so time isn't super wasted. We are just 10 minutes away so we basically went last and didn't leave until 4pm. Again my interview wasn't long or anything special. He basically just said I'll talk to you in a couple weeks for the exit interview so I can get along to the rest of the missionaries :). Hakuna Matata. We also had a specialized training, centered on obedience and diligence. President is calling the mission to repentance for not having focused meaningful studies and not getting up on time. Of which I have not had any problem with (except one companion) my entire mission thank you ;).
Klamath is a strange area, but it has been great for me to feel I've ended my mission strong. Everything looks the same so we always need a GPS. We can certainly find people to listen but many of them are not truly interested. Most everyone here is pretty noncommittal on religious things, but there are a few gems :) With that said, and I now realize I totally forgot to mention this... We had three baptisms this past weekend! A mom and her two daughters. It was amazing and they are a huge wonderful addition to the ward. They were a referral from members in a different ward. The man in the picture is the one who referred them and baptized them. It was a very happy day :)
Can you send me my 4-Generation Pedigree chart? There is a wonderful family history consultant here and she is super fun. I told I had basically nothing done on my chart and she said she'd put the things I had in and see what other things she could find. She is very excited :)
Yeah so I'll be sending 6 boxes home this week and that should take care of everything. I have accumulated way too much clothes these past 18 months. These will be the only boxes because we will be going to Crater Lake next Monday! Don't worry I'll take tons of pictures and make sure not to fall in ;). <Mom Note: If you have clothes that are worn out and you will never wear again, don't bother sending them home. Either throw them out or donate them.>  Ok. Sounds good, I will do that. I certainly have a lot of well loved clothes that need to be retired now :)
I have prayed and I feel really great about going to USU. I am especially excited about the Institute. I plan on taking classes there too :) I still really like dealing with plants and am finding I really enjoy it with all the yard work and maintenance we do out here :)  I might try to do something that'll mix horticulture and geography.
Sister Duenas trying to not cut her head off with the ridiculously large paper cutter 'thingy'
<Mom question to Sister Duenas: Did Kristina tell you about volunteering you to speak at the Youth Missionary Fireside when you come back home?> HA! Yeah she did! Can't say I didn't expect having to speak in something like that. Not super jazzed about talking in front of tons of Youth but, as the OEM motto goes, "Stand Tall. Doubt not; Fear not."
Ok and now I gots to go! Talk to you next week and see you in 14 ish days!
Can't wait to talk to you! Focusing on the work still but can't say I'm not countin' down the days too <3 
Will be going to Crater Lake Monday morning so I'll be sure to send pictures! And then to the Portland temple on Tuesday! Great last week coming up for me :)
See you soon! <3<3<3<3

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