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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Service Work in Klamath Falls (04/06/2915)

Holo Madre!
I am not in 2 wards, we just visit two older ladies in the other ward since they need sisters to help out.  
My District is small, just six of us,two other sets of Elders and me and my companion.
We have done a lot of yard work so far. We are working with the YMCA (maintenance/yard work), the Red Cross and a couple other local things every once in a while. It's been pretty great to just serve in the community. People will start to recognize us as normal human beings eventually from seeing us serving everywhere. The yard work/maintenance was just normal yard work, raking and such. For the Red Cross, we will be sitting at the sign up desk or the concessions making sure people don't faint.
I played rugby every Saturday morning during my last transfer in Newport. Usually 8 to 14 people playing, us and the Elders. It was pretty fun :)
We baked chocolate chip cookies for Easter to give out to everyone.
Sister Duenas making chocolate chip cookie dough
Loved the Easter box of course! The candy is almost gone since I'm trying to savor it. Tell the Branch I got their Easter box as well and that I love it too! And to whoever sent them I really like the Jane Austen note cards.
There is a member here in Klamath Falls who studied Geography in BYU. He is working on a water project here in Klamath since water is becoming scarce for the summer. He talked to me a little about it and it only solidified that I wanted to be in this major. Not sure what emphasis yet of course but I'll figure that out when I get there.
Love ya! Bye!

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