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Sunday, April 26, 2015

OEM Mission-wide Conference (03/30/2015)

Hi Mumzy,
Klamath Falls is nice. We are serving in one ward. Here are a couple pics from last weeks transfers.
Sister Duenas and the Mission President's wife - Sister Russell
Sister Duenas (with umbrella) - a typical rainy day in Oregon
Here are my long awaited for notes from the amazing OEM Missionwide Conference!
President Russell - This meeting is making history as a mission in coming together. Listen carefully and gather promptings.
Elder Brent H. Nielsen (of the Quorum of the Seventy) - 
Our purpose as missionaries is to: invite the spirit, receive revelation and open the heavens.
Doctrine & Covenants 43:8-9 - "ye shall bind yourselves to act in all holiness before me".
There has been 39 million views of  "He Is The Gift" video and it has resulted in 34,000 referrals.
The new Easter video is still in rough draft but we still got to see it before all others!! #BecauseHeLives - AMAZING!!!
The OEM will be rolling out the next phase of iPads. The OEM was a pilot mission to start the iPads and now we are one of the first missions to roll out the new iPads. The iPads are to be used to help fulfill our missionary purpose. The best filter for appropriate internet usage is our relationship with the Lord and our Heavenly Father. Don't let it (the internet/technology) be a distraction here on our mission OR in life in education, job or role of mother/father.
Brother Heaton - 13 years Director of the Missionary Training Center in Provo, and worked for 40 yrs at the Provo MTC.
Alma 39: 2-4 and 9-10, also Matthew 16 - Don't boast in thy strength and wisdom. Be humble and obedient. Don't forsake the ministry. Don't follow the "popular" crowd. Take up the cross and deny yourselves of all ungodliness. Be humble and listen to elders, counsel with your brethren.
Be the primary source through which the Holy Ghost teaches. Use the iPad to access and show church approved media/videos only to support the missionary message. Let the spirit guide.
Elder Nielsen (again)-
Personal testimony and righteousness -> How firm is your foundation?
Moral Agency - By choosing to be baptized and making covenants in the temple, we have chosen to follow God. By choosing to follow God, we have already 'spent' our agency. We have chosen to become agents of our Heavenly Father and we are accountable to him for our actions/choices. We have covenanted to be disciples of Christ for a lifetime.
Love you bunches!

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