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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Staying in Central Point (11/17/2014)

Hey hey hello!
Transfer news - So yep I'm still in Central Point, and still training Sister Hall :)
I am still assigned to serve in two wards at the same time and it's just awesome! We are always busy.
We will be having a baptism this weekend! Super exciting.
Our new District Leader is Elder Galloway, who will be performing the baptism this weekend with his companion.
Sister Hall and I will be giving the opening and closing prayers for the baptism, and other ladies that our investigator knows will be giving the talks on baptism and on the Holy Ghost.
Super cool about that picture of the Cruz family (Great Uncles and Great Grandfather) that you sent. I'd love to do some family history when I get home. There's some cool stuff out there.
Haven't seen the CES Devotional but it looks good.
A member we are working with has a farm. We get to play with the animals when we visit them.

Don't worry about the gloves, I still have my pink ones for now :). I'm sure they looked fine. Everything you make is awesome. 
Speaking of awesome I made the peanut butter fudge for the Central Point 1st Ward correlation meeting and to randomly just give out to people. 
I even gave out the recipe to our Senior Missionary couple because Sister Pease liked it so much :) It was super rich! 
I think I've either gotten desensitized to OUR family's cooking dinner or I did the recipe wrong and I know I followed it exactly. Rich, but people love it. 
So far I've made Snickerdoodles, Sugar Cookies, peanut butter fudge and Pancit. 
The new District Leader has asked if I could bring snacks to our district meetings now. Guess I got a new calling ;)
I'd really like our Mac n cheese recipe, hamburger peas and rice, and the scrambled breakfast casserole dish thingy would be nice too :) And please send the brownie recipe and stuff! 
I think that's very likely what I'm going to do with the rest of my life. Make food to bring smiles and hopefully do my color artist thing too! Go to college for both is my plan :)
There wasn't anything super special about the week. Just baked, served the lord and studied bunches <3
A super cool quote from Gospel Principles class when we were talking about Talents.
Just sent you a surprise! Hope you get it :) love you!

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