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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Righteousness Always Conquers (11/24/2014)

Hi Mumzy!!!
I got the first package. You are lucky I looked at my emails first instead of attacking my present.
<Mom note: Ummmmm.....packages that arrive 1 day before your birthday just may be a birthday present, so you should have assumed it was your bday box little Miss Sassy!!! :P  > Hahaha, well of course I knew what it was, but if there is a letter in there I have to open it today to read it or wait til next Monday ;)

No service projects this week. But when we went to the Calvary Temple for the food pantry a person there gave Sister Hall and I pretty knit scarves.
Pretty knit scarf given to me from a person at the food pantry
So I was perusing a members cook book and found these great recipes: Apple-Cinnamon Cream Cheese Bites and Potato-Leek Soup with Ham. Could you make them and see if they are 1. do-able for me and 2. tasty :)
<Mom Note: The apple one looks do-able and yummy. It would be one of the most complicated recipes you have attempted, but you CAN do it. Do you have a rolling pin? A veggie peeler? And a muffin pan? If not, I could revamp it to make it easier.> sounds like someone doubts my attention span and reading skills :) Nah, that's ok. We can totally borrow from a member. They love us here. 
I just used box mixes to make the Snickerdoodles and Sugar Cookies. Unlike some recipes, I don't have those ones memorized and I'd definitely rather not do them without a mixer. I made pumpkin cookies (also from a box mix) for district meeting and gave away some more peanut butter fudge. Everyone loves the fudge.
Peanut Butter Fudge using G-Ma's recipe :)
We have a birthday dinner and a Thanksgiving dinner scheduled... Well, we actually have two B-Day dinners and two Thanksgivings ;) Since we have two wards everyone wants to show there appreciation, so two dinners :)
OH!!! And super exciting!!!!!! We will be going to the temple next week!!!!!!!!!! And for Christmas we get to watch a movie, I am so excited. We will be watching "How To Train Your Dragon 2".
I'll send you some pictures from the baptism from my camera. It went so so well. At first there were so many problems and we didn't know if it was gonna happen. Nikki has a pretty severe medical issue. She has a hard time walking if it's longer than a minute or two and because of that she has to be carried into the font. Problem --> Central Point baptismal font stairs are very narrow and steep... Change of venues required. TO MEDFORD!! Hallelujah!!! Accessible Stairs acquired. Anyway, lots of things could've gone wrong with the baptism <Satan doing his dirty work> but ya know that righteousness always conquers :)
Sister Hall, Nikki, and Sister Duenas at Nikki's baptism
So I'm hearing a lot of missionaries around me signing up for classes and doing other college stuff. Do I need to worry or think about any of that? I feel like I can do/learn the culinary things throughout my life and/or take classes over time. I'd really like to focus on the Studio Art thing and have that be my career focus. Then as my back up safety net it'd be cooking and stuff. So what do I need to do? Cause missionaries can get permission from President to work on their applications and stuff. Will the 3D/Studio Art program involve a lot of drawing? Cause I don't think I'd be able to do that very well, whereas I think I'd be good at sculpting and ceramics and stuff like that. Colors and 3D I think work better for me.
Found this and thought it was totally cute <3
HA! Well, I'm not 21 yet <still one day left>, but I feel old for sure.
NO SNOW WHAT SO EVER HERE in Central Point :(((
BYE!!! Love you bunches!!!

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