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Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Ladder and the Holy Ghost (09/22/2014)

Yes! I am so excited to be an Auntie!!! He is such a cute little 'burrito' :)
The OEM Secretary told me the second after you called her. They were so happy for me becoming an Auntie!
We had a Young Woman join us for a mini-mission this week. Her name is Sofi and she wants to go on a mission!
Sister Duenas, YW on Mini-Mission, Sister Haugen
At first, at the (Medford) Pear Farm, most of us were on the ground picking pears with our hands, except four Elders were on the platform. Then, after ground picking was done, we all got a ladder. I'm such a chicken. At first, I refused to get on a ladder, then I just sucked it up and never looked down and held on for dear life. Humans (especially ones named Sister Duenas) are not supposed to be in the air. period.
I know my way around Central Point a lot better now. Though I'm technically the senior companion, Sister Haugen does the driving since she's the more experienced driver.
Central Point is very missionary oriented. Lots of Senior missionaries serving in their Stakes and coming back from their full-time missions, and families with their own missionaries out, so they know how to get it done :)
The Zone Conference was awesome as usual and for the Holy Ghost talk, I was the third speaker. Nearly had a heart attack when President Russell announced who was going to be speaking!! Immediately, the Sisters around me started encouraging me and saying "you'll do great", and "just breathe". I think I must've had an alarmed look on my face because one of them even gave me chocolate to calm me. Which of course it did :) The Sisters here and the other missionaries are so great.
Awesome quote I found :)
I don't know about you, but I am SO SO SO excited for the General Womens Conference and then the General Conference next week!!!! We have a saying on the Mission that it's like the Missionary Super Bowl. We are all so excited!
Oh. Have you seen the new Mormon Message on Its about a Mom with a To-Do list. It is super awesome and spiritual video. It totally makes everyone cry. You should watch it :)
The weather the last couple of days has been stupidly warm...high 90s to 100. But this week is supposedly the 'cool down' to Fall, so I am sooooo very happy. It was funny, someone said it might get to 70 soon and Sister Haugen said "Oh my gosh that's like winter!"   ummmm....Sorry Sister "South Cali"....that's not winter. lol. <Mom Note: Winter in New York is anything below 30 degrees. Until it gets below 50, carry on with flip flops and sandals and shorts ;) >
I had a photo shoot with a couple of kitties this week, and a ginormous cat named Max. Seriously, he's huge.

Love you bunches!!!!!!   <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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