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Monday, September 22, 2014

Service Brings Joy (09/15/2014)

This past week has been a week of embracing the pure love of Christ.
We did SO much service that I am just simply exhausted.
On Tuesday, dead heading and digging up roots on the Medford Temple grounds -- 2 hours.
On Wednesday, Zone Conference! -- 7 hours. So wonderfully spiritual and I got to join in a demo of pouring water on an Elder's head. The point of the demonstration was filling an investigator's cup without overfilling or overwhelming their minds with too much gospel information at once while keeping our buckets full to answer their questions. President Russell said I was very enthusiastic since the Elder ended up being pretty damp after the demo.
Zone Conference - Central Point and Grants Pass Zones - Wednesday 09/10/2014
This is the Demo that Sister Duenas is talking about. Sis Duenas is not in this pic, but it's the only pic I could find of the Demo from one of the Oregon Eugene Mission Zone Conferences.
On Thursday, we helped a woman get ready for the city-wide yard sale -- 1 hour.
On Friday, tons of missionaries got to go to the church's Medford Pear Farm to help in the harvest of the Winter Pears! So so fun! Though we did have to get up at 6am instead of 6:30am. Hey, thirty minutes translates to an hour or more in missionary time, especially for sleep. We got to the Pear Farm at 7am and picked pears until 10:30'ish -- 3.5 hours.
<Mom Note: The Medford Pear Orchard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is one of 56 production projects of the LDS Church Welfare System. The Medford Pear Orchard provides pears for the church welfare system. Pears produced at the Medford Pear Orchard are processed and canned in church canneries and used throughout the U.S. to provide relief to needy families and humanitarian aid. Much of the work performed on the farm is done by local volunteers, including the harvest of over 1.5 million pounds of pears a year.>

Then lastly, on Saturday, we had our Central Point Stake Day of Service in honor of 9/11. We cleared a whole area of a river bank and put in a new gravel path -- 2.5 hours.
And then to the Food Pantry to feed homeless people -- 2 hours.
So all in all 18 hours of service for the entire week!
We were exhausted at the end, but felt so good to have helped out so many of God's children :)

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