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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cheerfully Do All that You CAN Do (09/29/2014)

Well I can see what place I come in ma own Mummy's heart. Replaced by a grandbaby. Good thing he's just so darn cute ;) I am totally jealous you're getting to hold him! I seriously can't wait until I can meet him.
We've had a great past couple of  weeks. We can always work harder and there's always room for improvement, but we've been doing well and finding new people to teach the gospel. This area is great for member-missionary work and there are tons of activities where our less actives and investigators can come to socialize and feel welcome.
I looked at the time I have left on my mission and it's just so so short! Where in the world has the time gone?! I have just slightly less than 6 months left. That's only 4 transfers! It's just so crazy. I've been here (on my mission) forever and yet just a blink, and I've learned so much, yet my bucket has so much more room to fill up.
HI! It's ME!!!!!! :)
We've done a little more service this week. Worked at the Food Pantry, raked leaves, stacked wood, and vacuumed someone's house. Really cool, while we were stacking wood we found two logs that were truly shaped like hearts, so we had our Senior Couple Elder cut them off for us so we can use them as coasters. Don't have a picture right now, but I'll be sure to send you one later.
Ok and now crazy story time!!!
On Saturday we were on our way to see this blind less active lady to teach and before we got into the elevator some other older lady started yelling down the hall to us to "come quick". This home is for the elderly, kind of like the ones Grandma took care of. We went down there and we saw that an older lady had tripped over a walker and was flat out on the ground. Sister Haugen and I went to see if she was ok and get her back up, but soon found that she was bleeding, so we didn't move her but attempted to comfort her until help arrived. She had fallen and hit her head on the door frame and was bleeding from her head and her arms were pretty cut up as well. We immediately found some workers to help. They bandaged her arms up and put pressure to her head. During all this I was comforting the one who had called us since she was very distraught and she thought that Alice, by then we had learned her name, was going to die. She was very much in shock, but I just told her that she did good in calling us and that Alice was going to be just fine. Seeing us pretty capable they (the workers) gave us gloves and we sat there with Alice and kept her conscious. Sister Haugen did a lot of the talking since Alice seemed to warm up to her. We stayed with her until the ambulance came and took her away. End of crazy story. Moral = the Lord puts His servants exactly where He needs them and He gives them the strength and clarity of mind and spirit to handle the situation that they've been put in.
Lately, I've been studying about repentance and faith. Good stuff that I'll try to write you later.
This week we've been trying to use the Articles of Faith in our teaching and it's been going great! I've determined to memorize them all and so far it's going great. I've got 1-7 done, (just 6 more to go). In honor of these great Articles, I have written down something similar. These are my 13 reasons I love Jesus Christ.
More notes from Sister Nielson (wife of general Authority Elder Brent H. Nielson) who visited the Oregon Eugene Mission back in August.
- You can count on your Heavenly Father knowing where you are and you can count on His miracles.
-The Missionary age change for women is part of the plan for Hastening the Lord's work. We have been saved until this time to stand when we heard the call.
- Pursuit of holiness and happiness - President Uchtdorf's talk called "Of Regrets and Resolutions".
- We are the creators of our home.
- If you wake up in the morning every day battling something, it's okay. It means you're normal.
- If you feel the promptings of the Spirit (ex. while you're teaching) then you can know that the Lord is pleased with you.
- Practice virtue and holiness continually (Doctrine and Covenants 46:33)
- Heavenly Father doesn't care about crumbs on the floor. He cares about the kids.
-See that big obstacle coming for you and, using the Spirit, adjust and side step it, don't try to force your way through it.
- Cheerfully do everything that you can do. You do everything that you can do, and God will take the rest.
Love you!!!!!!!!!

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