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Friday, September 19, 2014

Central Point is awesome! (09/08/2014)

Hi! It's me!
So this is Central Point right now. Very, very smokey because there are two fires really near us. Lots of people stay inside because the smoke is so bad. These fires happen every year. Believe it or not, last summer was even worse. The fires are getting really bad, but those brave firefighters are keeping it under control. It's been smokey like this in Central Point for 4 days or so. Lots of older members only dare to go out of their house for church.
Central Point, OR - hazy smoke from the fires
We do have kitchen equipment in this apartment....well really it's just a toaster, microwave, stove/oven and a really bad blender. Other than that we don't really have anything to make stuff, for baking anyways. We have everything needed (for baking) but a mixer, so I can just suck it up and get a workout. It's more fun that way :)
President Russell is a great mission president, truly very caring toward all his missionaries.
Sister Haugen has been out on her mission for about 8 months. She is really great. She's helped me to become more hard working and we've been able to get a lot done this last week. Tons of lessons, one person on date and 5 new investigators! Great week indeed :) I only know three of the Elders and one of the Sisters in our Zone, but it's definitely a great one. We all get along and WANT to get to know more about each other and have fun together. Very excited for this "family" oriented District. Central Point is very similar to Grants Pass! And I LOVE it!!!
Photo on left - the girls want to be a Sister Missionary <3
Photo on right - Sister Duenas doing missionary planning for CP1 and CP2 wards.
I'm "Friending" all the missionaries that serve in the Greene Branch to show my appreciation and help them in their Facebook missionary efforts. I am hoping that, if we 'Like' each others posts, people back home in Greene will recognize me and might want to learn more from the missionaries serving in Greene. Though I was pretty much a hermit in high school, so probably not :)
We only got to clean the Medford Temple the one time my first week here and it's back open now, so we can't go in anymore (until the next OEM Temple Trip). But we still do work outside on the grounds to help beautify it and get it ready for next Spring :)

I found something pretty intense last night as I was reading (the Book of Mormon).
Jacob Chapter 2, verses 5-10 is super intense and an insight to me on how a prophet feels for the people and how heavy and important his calling is to the people. Many times the prophets and apostles want to speak to us of great, marvelous, and righteous, happy things, but they must speak first of repentance and warning no matter how many people are actually in the right or how fragile it'd be for them to hear about awful things going on around them. It most definitely helped me appreciate all our church leaders do for us.
There is a new policy for letters. We can't open them until Monday. We can open packages whenever, but if there is a letter inside, we still can't read it until Monday (Preparation Day). President Russell wants us to focus more on turning to the Lord for help and becoming stronger in relying on Him for the duration of our mission. I've come to the conclusion that it's a good thing.
Our next Zone Conference is on Wednesday for us and it will be at the Grants Pass Stake Center!! I am so excited! I hope I get to see some people from the Redwood Ward.
Love you!
Bye Bye!!!

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