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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Servants in the Lord's Hands (08/18/2014)

Hi Mom!
Wow....wonderful use of your restraint :)
So, I bet you realized by now that your big, big, big, long letter has yet to arrive. Yeah.....that's because I decided to write letters to Matt, Tate and the kids. They wrote me back in March and I'm such an awful person that I only now remembered to write them back. So, instead you'll get a big, big, big, long email :)   (Well, maybe not super big, but I shall try).
So, my week has been going alright. We keep trying to get new investigators, but no luck this week. We give out Books of Mormon and have spiritual conversations on the doorstep, but once we ask if we can return to share more they all get cold feet and say "uh, no thanks, I'm busy this week". This happens even if we have just had an awesome conversation....Sigh...missionary work is rough. BUT! We have 2'ish people on date to be baptized in September, Darryl and a woman named Tana, who a different set of Sisters are teaching, but need to hand over to us since she isn't a YSA (Young Single Adult). So, yay for that atleast.

I've been reading through the Book of Mormon again (3rd time through on my mission) and I'm now on 2 Nephi 15 (the Isaiah chapters). It's always hard to get through these chapters, but as long as you are able to get one thing out of the chapter, you are doing good :)   My favorite chapters so far (in 2 Nephi) are 2 and (the end of) 10. I've also been marking any time a parent or some family member gives advice or shows love in the scriptures. 2 Nephi 4 (the beginning), and Alma 38 is also a really good one for parental advice....Oh and there are other ones, but I just can't quite recall them at the moment. Note: I am not mentioning 'parenting' for any specific reason, it's just what I've been studying lately, and you asked.
We had to take a 15 minute survey for Sister Missionaries on the missionary age change. I am thankful for the missionary age change. I am here on my mission having experiences I never would have had otherwise....and enormous growth in my testimony and character is happening, so yes I like the age change. The age change for the Elders is good and bad depending on the Elder. Some are prepared and focused. Others just want to have fun and are doing their duty. It really just depends, but by the end of their missions, I'm sure the age change enabling them to come out on their mission has had an effect on them and is good. It just takes time for them to realize WHY they are truly invite and be servants in the Lord's hands.
We (Sister Collins and Sister Duenas) had dinner with the Lowarys again and were able to ask them tons of questions since they are so knowledgeable about the gospel and stuff.
Random info for you: We each have a mini iPad. Enchiladas and cinnamon buns cake don't really go together. What happened with Elders Johnson and Brailsford (one talking a lot and the other not talking much) happens to companionships all the time. It is wonderful to get comments on Facebook posts as a missionaries, even if the comments are from our Moms :)
ok, here I am in the present writing my Mumzy. Love you! <3 <3 <3 <3  
This is the last week of this transfer. I am not being called as a Trainer, but I won't find out if/where I may be transferred until Saturday.
Bye! Love you!

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