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Sunday, August 17, 2014

One of the Best Days of My Mission Life (08/11/2014)

Yo Mumsy! You there?
We helped an older lady member clean her patio last week in the morning at 10am. She was hoping we could come at 5am, but luckily our morning schedule doesn't allow that :)
Could you order me a hardcopy of the Book of Mormon? I need another one for my studies since the one the Youngs gave me is a bit chaotic with random notes everywhere. I'd like to start over with my Book of Mormon studies.
The first picture is from last Monday or Tuesday (08/04 or 08/05)...the days kinda blur together in Mission-time. Sister Collins and I went to heart attack one of the members here for her birthday.

Looks like the missionaries really love our little Greene Branch :) and who wouldn't? It's the best place ever! Especially for that new missionary in his first area.....
I wish the family HQ could be a little closer to the East coast. I mean I love Oregon, but I will always love the east coast the best. Although, I do like Idaho more than I like Utah. When G-ma moves to Idaho, what is she going to do with all her awesome stuff?!? I want dibbs on some stuff probably! :)  <Mom Note: Gma is already giving you her miniature teddy-bear collection :) >
Yes, the Sisters in this Zone had the wonderful privilege of cleaning the Mission Home before President and Sister Young left and the Russells came in <at the end of June>. It was super fun. Sister West and I cleaned windows on the roof  8P 
.....and I cleaned up after a mouse since all the other girls were chicken. The cleanup of the mission home lasted 3 hours and it was great to get the Youngs all to ourselves to ask questions and get last minute advice. 
.....Sister Collins and I <3  (don't worry, the car wasn't moving when the pic was taken).

Ok, so I'm only in 1 ward now, back to Eugene 3rd Ward, such a relief. Having all of the leaders and auxiliaries working together and sharing burdens & loads is a big key for how well wards do in the work out here and just in the ward in general. My District is still the same too.
We did have something awesome happen just yesterday. Our investigator came to church for the first time!! And he loved it! It was super funny during Sacrament meeting, he spoke a couple of times, but he's in his 70's and REALLY hard of hearing, so we couldn't exactly tell him to be quiet. Right before the sacrament prayers started he said "Ah bread and water time". Then he saw the tiny pieces of bread and said "guess lunch won't be spoiled for later. Hehehe." When the water came, there was only one left on the tray for Sister Collins and I so he said "Guess you'll have to split it. Oh, nope. Roy got one for ya."  And lastly when they started walking back up to the sacrament table he said about the water "that didn't taste like blood."
Hahahahahaha! He is such a hoot! He's like Gpa and Floyd put into one :) Definitely one of the best days of my mission life! :)
 ....last pic was from yesterday (Sunday 08/10). Found this sign at a members house and thought it was pretty awesome if I do say so myself.   ;P
Never mind about the (extra) Book of Mormon. I wasn't thinking very practically. Sister Collins just has so many study BoM's that I got a bit jealous and wanted another of my own...hehehe :) Yep, I will get back to using my Quad. I do love it so much. I just wish that the pages weren't so fragile. Oh well, first world problems :)

ok, gots ta go now....
Til next week....
Love you!

ps...Might start sending some small stuff home next week, since it is likely that I will be transferred to a new area :)

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