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Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Grateful Heart (08/04/2014)

Hi Mom!
Oh my gosh Mom! So many questions! I think you've topped yourself again and made a new record. Totally brings whole new meaning to when you get answers more questions come of them.
The Capture the Title of Liberty game with my Zone went great last week. It's just like Capture the Flag, just without light sabers - the only difference between this version and the way that Mara, Ben and I used to play it. My team lost, but that's ok cuz we had tons of fun. We played it at a park and there were about 24 of us playing the game.
I hope you liked my present/letter of pictures for you. I am so Grateful for: all that you've done for me, your love and support, prayer, Prophets, the Gospel, temples, the sacrament, the Book of Mormon, Jesus, Gospel Principles class (the basics of our foundation), Mail <3, flowers, cupcakes, Superheroes, steak, fishing, blueberry bread, camping, mac 'n cheese, YOU!

Tell Jim its awesome that he gets to teach! I studied "The Gift of the Holy Ghost" chapter that Jim taught yesterday...How'd that go? I absolutely loved that whole chapter. It is severely highlighted and shines with many pretty colors :) Be sure to make his favorite meal for dinner as a "just because you're awesome" gift :) There you go Jimbo, get that Potato Soup!
I saw that wonderful pic of Grandma! It is her personality perfectly :) Such a little cutie.
Hey so this is a picture of my new outfit. Sister Collins wanted to go to Ross or Good Will to find a good white shirt since it's been a bit warm here. Been in the 90s for the past couple months...ick :(   Yeah, so I wasn't going to get anything, but then I found this outfit and I thought you'd approve. ps...hehehe...I look like you :)
Super sad that half your missionaries are leaving :( It seriously is just heart-ripping when that happens, for both parties.
We have an investigator "on date". If you all could pray for him I'm sure your prayers will help him stay strong. We've been teaching him for about five months and he's been "on date" before, but he wasn't confident he'd be able to truly commit to the gospel standards, so we've gone back to the very foundation of the gospel (faith in Jesus Christ) and retaught him from there. He is an amazing man with an even more amazing testimony. Though, he may not completely understand certain concepts or principles in the gospel, he knows them to be true because he feels the Spirit testify of it to him when we're speaking or he prays and "listens real hard" until he gets that answer.
We have to study Elder Bednar's talk in the April 2014 General Conference "Bear Up Their Burdens With Ease" and a shortened version of "In the Strength of the Lord". They are both awesome talks and I have them printed out and already marked up.
<Mom Note: here is the video of Elder David A. Bednar's talk "Bear Up Their Burdens With Ease">

The World Junior Championships is like the Junior Olympics for Track & Field players. This year it was hosted in Eugene's historic Hayward Field. Eugene, Oregon is Track Town USA, where a bunch of people come to train I guess. With such a big opportunity to do service and get out there, missionaries got signed up as volunteers and mingled with tons of people. First my companion and I worked at the airport to sign-in athletes, media, family and get them to the campus. The we participated in the flag ceremony. Sister Collins and I were more toward the end in the "S" countries. Then our last station was an information desk in the dorms for six hours in case people needed information.
There are going to be new rules/policies/changes to the way missionary work is going to be done in the next couple of months. We will be doing a LOT more service where we get seen. There is a mission in California that does 50-50 service and proselyting work.
Lately, I have been reading the Book of Mormon again cover to cover and marking every time it says "commandments", "keep the/my commandments", etc. Anything related to obedience really. I'm really liking it :)
Love you guys! Live the Gospel! Keep Sunday happy & healthy!
Sister Duenas

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