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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dear Jim (06/02/2014)

Sister Duenas sent a beautiful letter to her father, Jim, this past week.
Much of it is too personal to share in the blog, but here are some of her thoughts of gratitude for some of the things that he has taught her throughout her life.

Looking back, I can see how much you have helped me and taught me. In fact, Here's a list!! :)

  1. Taught me how to fish. (Mother and her silly :)  )
    Sister Duenas and Jim - Yes, I realize the sign says No Fishing, but it is the only pic I could find Sis Duenas and Jim with a body of water :)
  2. How to drive....truck, tractor, four-wheeler, go name it :)
    Sister Duenas on the Right
  3. You got me my first horse ride! Way back when Mara and I were little. It was in McDonough on a horse named Bunny I believe.
    Sister Duenas (far left). This is Wyoming (not NY). She was required to wear a helmet due to age.
  4. Tucked Mara and me into bed when we were super-younger and got home late from whatever we were all doing together.
    Sister Duenas (left)
  5. Helping me with Pinewood Derbys! That's right! 4X champ because of your awesome wood skills :) <of course Sister Duenas designed the car, and sanded and painted it though>
  6. Always telling me I'm beautiful at random times. This honestly did help my confidence and make me want to try a little harder to at least look presentable.
  7. Awesome meat in that red sauce (rabbit, venison, pork or chicken)! Wait...why did that help me? Oh yeah, I want a husband that can cook! (someday)
  8. Making those sweet snow jumps and trails when we'd go sledding.
  9. Bonding when Mom got stressed over the business and we were in agreement that she needed to rest and to lighten-up. (of course this (getting stressed over the business) rarely happens :) )
  10. Always there when I or anyone needed you.
Thank you for all these things and more.
I love you!
Sister Kiana Duenas

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