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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Book of Mormon Fortunes - P-Day Fun (06/09/2014)

Holo Mom!!!!
So the 1000 piece puzzle. I took a picture and thought I sent it to you. The picture is deleted and the puzzle... demolished... I'll get you another picture but it might be a little while :)
But since you are wanting to see what we missionaries do to have good clean missionary appropriate fun here's what we've come up with recently :)

Book of Mormon fortunes!
- you get chastised by Abinadi
- get an angry letter from Capt. Moroni 
- Ammon is your member present
- you find golden investigator like Lamoni
- Nephi helps you understand the Book of Isaiah
- Sariah gives you a hug
- Enos prays with you
- Learn teaching pointers from Enoch
- the 3 Nephites visit and reactivate your whole family back home
- you get speech lessons from King Benjamin
- play capture the flag with Teancum on pday for a Zone activity
- Mormon tells you a bedtime story
- you write a stripling warrior
- the Brother of Jared goes tracting with you --> you find 10 new families to teach
- Gadianton Robbers erase your weekly planning/wipe the area book from your iPad
And a picture of the product :) and yes, I spelled blue wrong so I had to make it French.

No pics from district meeting since we all forgot but we will definitely get some this transfer. 
So...the Memorial Day picnic - it was pretty basic. No fire or marshmallows, but there were burgers, salad and watermelon and the kids went outside to play and do stuff while the adults (and us) stayed inside and talked. I made our macaroni salad :)
So super super weird! It is seriously crazy how many times we are just on the same page. For the past couple of days I've been studying about the priesthood, authority, power of God and church organization. I literally just read Alma 13 for my studies this morning. Mine is very colorful as well. I'll take a pic and send it to you later :)
<Mom Note: I had been studying in Alma Chapter 13 on Sunday night, sent a picture of Alma 13:27-29 to Sister Duenas in an email on Monday morning. Turns out that she was also studying Alma Chapter 13 nearly at the same time as I was.>
I really like your letter/thank you note idea. We have been giving them Thank You cards, but I think including the Feeding His Sheep idea and other spiritual things will be great! Gracias Mommy!

K well I guess I'm going now :(   I'll just write another big letter to you later :)
Love you!

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