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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Be Not Afraid of Being Great - You Are a Child of God (06/16/2014)

Holo Mom!!!!!!!!

So, I got the Lamb of God cd. It's certainly good music and missionary appropriate but it's not OEM appropriate unfortunately. We can very strictly only listen to hymns, MoTab, EFY or Nashville Tribute...nothing else. So some of the other CDs aren't super acceptable though they are great songs, like the Hilary Weeks collection, piano guys, and not the Xmas stuff when it's not Xmas. So the music rules have always been the same. When I asked for music from Hillary Weeks and Alex Boye I also said that they had to be hymns. If they are hymns we can listen to them no matter who sings them. But yes you never know, the rules might change with the new mission president in July, so I'll just hold on to the Lamb of God cd for now.

But I do need some stuff from home if you don't mind :).
- sunglasses
- I am down to the Dead Sea Mud and half my Sweet Pea soap! If you'd like to send me a bar or two of soap it'd be great :). Just choose whatever you think I'll like best ;)
- If you could somehow get the March 2013 Ensign and the Ensign with the October 2011 General Conference for me I'd love you for eternity x two! There are so many great talks in there that I want the actual magazine. If you haven't already, you should read "Forget Me Not" by President Uchtdorf in the Oct 2011 GC. It's the best ever!!!

I LOVE my green rain jacket and it sure comes in handy in the Oregon rainy season.
Make sure to tell Jim to see his email on Father's Day. A reminder that I need those emails of Jay, Brad and Matt for their Father's Day present ASAP if you please :)
Ok so I haven't finished Jim's video yet so I am going to do that now….. Ok all is finished! I feel really bad about the video though :( It's rather poorly taken. Maybe if I took your photography class it'd be better. So tell him that next week I'll do a much better one and longer too :D

So sadly you won’t be getting your big letter on time. We really need to organize our time better for pdays. But I do have half a letter done telling you about the exchanges and other mission stuff. I will be sure to answer all your questions and the cool stuff that is going on back home :). Two extra big letters in your future!!

These are some cool stuff I've found in the past couple of weeks (Stand Ye in Holy Places and be NOT moved, a better understanding of Grace). 
Sister Duenas' Facebook post: As I faithfully live the gospel I find that more and more opportunities are opened for me. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ has helped me overcome things I would never have thought I could triumph over.How has Christ helped strengthen you? Because of the gospel what blessings can you see in your life?
<'Mom' Note: MY response to Sister Duenas' FB post: Because of the Gospel and through the enabling power of the Atonement and through grace, I am given capabilities beyond my normal strength to accomplish what is asked of me when I put forth my best efforts. ps...Look up the definition of grace in the Bible Dictionary and REALLY read it thoroughly. Then read it again. Good stuff ;) >
This poem is very inspiring to me. We should most definitely not be afraid of being great. Greatness will just inspire more greatness :)

Cool stuff from District Meeting! Got a new district leader this transfer. We only have 3 sets of missionaries in the district this time: Me and Sister West, another sister companionship and the district leader and his comp. A very small district for this area.

District Meeting June 13th 2014
Opening Song: #128 "When Faith Endures"
Opening Prayer: Sis Duenas
 Zone Conference with the Roseburg Zone on June 17th. This will be President Young's LAST Zone conference with each of us! So, please come prayerful and prepared to learn.

Set a Goal for one thing that you would like to improve on, then set a goal within your companionship that you would like to improve on.
- Personally: be more prayerful. What do the people under my care truly need, what skills do I need to sharpen to help them in their needs?
- Companionship: weekly planning guidelines! Do short lesson plans for each of the people we will be seeing the next day.

Ok…gots to go now!
Love you bunches of baby elephants!

ps. Sister West says 'Hi!'

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