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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Transferred to Klamath Falls - YAY for SNOW!!!!! (12/29/2014)

We had a wonderful video-chat with Sister Kiana Duenas on Christmas Day! 
Sister Duenas was surprised and super happy to see so many family members on the call.
Sister Duenas sends her love to all her family and friends back home.
She loved her Christmas presents and stocking (Well, all except for the adorable pencil skirts her Mom tried to sneak in there. It was worth a shot, but Sister Duenas says NO...hahaha :)
Sister Duenas' presents under her beautiful white Christmas Tree made for her by her Gma Beach
Christmas morning with her Missionary District back in Central Point, Oregon.
Sister Hall, Sister Duenas, Elder Galloway, Elder Tonini, ElderPorter, and Elder Segrera
Holo Madre!
I'm off to Klamath Falls 3rd Ward. Sending two big boxes home too. Good thing you sent me warm things, there is snow and ice in K Falls. I am so excited to have snow!!! This might very well be my last area too.
Klamath Falls is a nice place so far of what I've seen? I am not training again, my new companion (Sister Bonetti) has been out a little less than a year. She is absolutely wonderful and we are getting along great so far. My comp is from PA!! YAY, EAST COASTERS!!
I was super close on time (getting packed for the transfer) so I wasn't able to grab a couple of things that I'll send later. The Christmas stuff that I want to keep and the 9x13 pan which still had brownies in it so they will send it to me once they are eaten :)
I don't know if I'll be driving or not but I'll let you know :) and don't worry, I'll be careful. 
We are just 30 miles from Crater Lake actually so I definitely plan on grabbing a member to take us. And, thankfully, I am just in one ward now :)
(For our Christmas goals when I was back in Central Point), There aren't really any homeless people in Central Point who we could find and give a Goodie Bag to, but I hope that the Sisters there will continue to look. 
I don't even remember when I lost my blue hat. I just remember one day I was looking for it and when I couldn't find it and I realized that I hadn't seen it in a long while. It's probably at a member's house or on a homeless persons head by now :( That red hat you made is super nice! Hope will love it, especially since it's similar to Donna's Dad's hat on Doctor Who.
Klamath Falls, Oregon - Sister Duenas is SUPER EXCITED to be in a beautiful, cold, snowy area. Klamath Falls should feel just like home for her :)
Love you bunches of baby elephants!

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