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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Seals and Whales and the Pacific Ocean, Oh My! (01/12/2015)

Holo Madre!
I am really loving my new area! It is beautiful and the people here are amazing!
The Newport Ward covers a couple places so it's rather large. The cities/towns of Toledo, Newport, Depoe and Siletz is the area I cover right now. Depoe Bay is by far the prettiest and combined with Newport has just tons of seafood and other places to see and visit. Love it here! Though I'm still convinced that the ocean is going to eat me. Seriously, it is way too huge for my comfort and if a tsunami comes we are totally soaked toast. We can see the ocean from our apartment and it only takes one minute to get there by foot. But since we are so close we get tons of great pics :)  Ok, here are some great photos of me at Depoe Bay!  
Sister Duenas at the Whale Statue at the sea wall in Depoe Bay, Oregon
Depoe Bay is the whale watching capital of the Oregon Coast because it is 'home' to a pod of gray whales for 10 months of the year. It is also the smallest navigable harbor in the world apparently. Here is a continuation of sunset pics at Depoe Bay. So so pretty.

Sunset at Depoe Bay
We had nothing to do on New Year's Day (turned into a p-day by President), so we went to to the bayfront. If you ever want a good dish of fish n chips DON'T go to Sail Inn Cafe...'tis gross - the fish tasted like rubber and was super bland and no juice, bleh! 
Go to Mo's restaurant instead, it's owned by members of the church and it has awesome seafood and clam chowder :) After eating there we went to peruse the gift shops where I got some cool knick-knacks to remember Newport. Newport is very tourist-y, but there aren't very many tourists here yet until the summer, since school is still in. I'm grateful I'll be leaving right as it gets crazy :) 
Yep, New year's Day was the day of 'evil' tights incident that hurt my back. My back is much better now. There's just a bit of leftover soreness, but it doesn't hurt anymore thank goodness. I got a new pillow to celebrate :)
Seals and the docks at Newport. 
There is more ocean than houses and stuff in Depoe since it's a small place. Just look at the pictures! It is obviously more pretty. I've had seafood 4 times so far ;) LOVE IT!!!!
The first pic is Newport and the second is Depoe Bay.
Newport, Oregon
Depoe Bay, Oregon
My companions (Sis Chalfant and Sis Burrell) are pretty wonderful. Sister Burrell is another "ginger" friend and she loves Doctor Who and Star Trek and other nerdy things just like me. But tell Katie not to worry because Sis Burrell doesn't know much about anything Jane Austen or whatever, so Katie is still my favorite ginger ;)
Sisters Chalfant, Duenas, Burrell
We have been given permission to watch the (2015 National Football Championship - College Football Playoff Game) football game between Oregon University (the"Ducks") and Ohio State (the "Buckeyes"). Though I know very nearly nothing about football I'm still going to watch and just cheer and boo when everyone else does, that or eat chips :)
It's funny every time I tell someone I don't understand football they say "oh don't worry I'll explain it to you!" and then the game starts and they completely forget about their poor  uninformed friend. Maybe this time I'll understand since I'll be with the Ward Mission Leader's family and the senior couple. Older people love explaining things :)
Love you bunches!

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