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Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Disciples of the Digital Age" (03/02/2015)

Holo Madre!
I am now past freaking out and just trying not to think about it too much. I am excited for home (it's home, who wouldn't be?) but I am just so close that I am wondering where the days are going and finding it increasing harder everyday to not push our investigators and people to progress in the gospel before I can't help them anymore. SO from now on til the last two or three weeks of my mission zip it on the homecoming unless it is for college things or something important, if you would kindly :)
Yep I found the rice noodles and will be making the Pancit twice. First for the Relief Society birthday activity and then for an investigator who is interested in learning to cook new things. I am thinking about cutting the recipe in half though since I had a hard time last time making it in such a large portion. SO for the recipe do I just cut all the ingredients in half or no?
An investigator named Carol taught me how to crochet and I really like it. It's different than knitting (which I still like the best). However, if I'm ever feeling down and feel like I'm not getting anything done I can just do two rows of crochet and it looks like I've done a lot! Yay exaggerated accomplishment! hahaha;)
As a missionary, I have learned to how to get crafty in order to create visual 'props' for object lessons. My Plan of Salvation out of felt is especially useful since we teach the Plan of Salvation frequently.
Here are the projects that I told you about last week.
I made a Plan of Salvation out of felt.
And I have my favorite "Armor of God" man to substitute for "Hangman"
I will make sure to send you my notes on what the conference with Elder Neilsen was about. But just as a sneak peak: It was all about iPads. We will be getting new ipads next week with new handbooks and ways to do online missionary work. They want to prepare us as "Disciples of the Digital Age" for hastening the work here on our missions and also for preparation and protection for going back out into the world of technology. If we are trained here how to use social media and technology to it's proper use than it ought to be easier for us when we are back home. The new iPads have new, stronger walls of filtering and restrictions. We will be trained to do Facebook better (once we get it back that is), we can do Facetime and Skype lessons and tons of other stuff I don't remember. The iPads we have now will be exchanged next Tuesday at Zone Conference for better heavy duty ones that the missionaries, who will be going home after August 23rd, will have to pay for like a bike. They will be their own iPads instead of being owned by the church. Break it and the missionary will have to fix it or buy a new one. Since I leave before then, my new iPad is basically a 'loaner', it belongs to the church and I don't have to pay for it.
We will be going up to Portland this Thursday for the temple!! So excited :)
I will get to go to the temple one more time at the very end of my mission and I truly don't care which one I go to for my last time. If it's the Portland temple, yay because it's pretty and has a small visitor's center. And if it's the Medford temple, yay because I might be able to see some old friends form Central Point :)
Love you bunches!

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