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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Portland Temple - My New Favorite Temple (07/21/2014)

Hi Mommy!!
Love you!
Yep, the stationery is great. It is a bit girlish, but I like it anyway, so ;)
Me thinks my style is changing a bit as time goes on.
My hair is just so long and fluffy now that it's so hot, I need to put it up/back all the time.
Yeah, that cake decorating class was so great! It totally gave us an extra inch during that time, but it was fun. I truly can't wait to come back and do another class of something together.

We got to go Saturday! It was amazing!! The Portland temple is absolutely beautiful inside and out.  It has two stories to the celestial room and it's all beautiful. Sister Collins and I felt like princesses (ya know cuz we are) when we ascended the marble or whatever stone stairs, our feet went pitter patter, like a fairy tale :) It was amazing! If I could get married there someday it'd great, but alas my <Mom Note: future, currently unknown> hubbie would prol'ly like some choice in the matter too ;)
Sister Collins and Sister Duenas at Portland, OR Temple
Portland, OR Temple

This was a long time ago but it's still a pretty cool thing we learned.
The Chinese elders thought to teach us some Chinese characters since they are so simple in their meaning...? Haha yep simple to them maybe :) So the word success in their language is made up of two characters; 'accomplish' and 'work'. 

That is what it means to have success. And add to that 'work' a little 'power' and you've got a guaranteed success.

We had a little 'heart attack' project that we did for a member who was in the hospital and is now in rehab for his back.
Love you bunches!!!

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